US post services

So, being mad about music, mailnly synth pop, I have a routine in ordering albums - both vinyl and CD, but mostly vinyl. I order from a few different companies and I have nothing bad to say about either of them, but the post service on the other hand - there's a lot to mention there... I have had records sent to me by a number of different post companies and there are just two or three actually worhty of their name. Most of them are not even worthy of being mentioned in a blog post and mainly due to their absolute lack of customer service.

Some good ones

The UPS customer service is great. Everytime I have experienced delays in delivery, which hasn't happened very often, I have been able to sort it out with a simple phone call. That is how it is supposed to work, isn't it? Also the USPS customer service is really good. But that's about it.

A lot of bad ones

I have had records stolen; lost; sent to distant addresses and God knows what else, and sometimes I haven't even been able to get hold of the carrier company - AT ALL! It's remarcable that they can run a business like that.

When you are a frequent online customer you really want that piece of the chain to work. If everything else works, the actual delivery shouldn't be an issue. Unfortunately it is ever too often. I always pick UPS or USPS when available, and the DHL as a third option.

26 Oct 2017