A brief history

16 Dec 2019

I love those informative video clips on topics I can relate to. This little snippet about synth pop and its history is educational and interesting. When we love something we should really try to understand it to its core, so as to be true fans. We can all list our favourite songs and bands, but how much do we know about where they come from?

Time for skiing holiday

14 Oct 2019

Going skiing, that's something I liked to do since I was a kid. My parents took me to the slopes early and I continued to ski on my own when I was an adult. I feel free when I am able to go out. I have already booked this year's trip, to the Alps. However, I need to buy myself new skis. Thinking of buying Salomon qst 99. I usually read guides or tests of things to buy. When it comes to skis and other equipment, there is a good side to use. It's  called Freeride. They have guides about skiing, and also a lot of other things about skiing, snowboarding and other things.

Many ski resorts to choose from

I have tested several ski resorts over the years. Firstly, I have tested the Alps, in different parts of Europe. The Alps go through several countries. Since then I have also been to several ski resorts in the USA. Aspen is best, I think. Testing different ski resorts and countries is good, if you have the opportunity. Some prefer to choose a ski resort close to where they live. But I like to travel around the world. I also take the opportunity to take in music and other things from the countries I visit, because music is an important part of my life with it. Skiing, it is mostly a nice hobby during the winter.

Top list

18 Nov 2017

Synth pop is widely appreciated, but it's also a music genre that people either love or hate. Synth pop had its glory days in the 1980's and most of the best songs were made then. I found this massive list of 500 synt pop songs, claiming to be the top 500-list. It may be so, but I would disagree on the order of the songs. 

US post services

26 Oct 2017

So, being mad about music, mailnly synth pop, I have a routine in ordering albums - both vinyl and CD, but mostly vinyl. I order from a few different companies and I have nothing bad to say about either of them, but the post service on the other hand - there's a lot to mention there... I have had records sent to me by a number of different post companies and there are just two or three actually worhty of their name. Most of them are not even worthy of being mentioned in a blog post and mainly due to their absolute lack of customer service.

Some good ones

The UPS customer service is great. Everytime I have experienced delays in delivery, which hasn't happened very often, I have been able to sort it out with a simple phone call. That is how it is supposed to work, isn't it? Also the USPS customer service is really good. But that's about it.

A lot of bad ones

I have had records stolen; lost; sent to distant addresses and God knows what else, and sometimes I haven't even been able to get hold of the carrier company - AT ALL! It's remarcable that they can run a business like that.

When you are a frequent online customer you really want that piece of the chain to work. If everything else works, the actual delivery shouldn't be an issue. Unfortunately it is ever too often. I always pick UPS or USPS when available, and the DHL as a third option.

Integrated bathroom speakers

20 Oct 2017

I can - finally - officially say that I have a soundsystem in my house that is connected to all the rooms, including the garage. Sure, it's nerdy, but we all have our nerdiness somewhere, right? Mine lies in listening to music. I have had speakers (hidden from the eye) in kitchen, livingroom and bedroom already for quite some time and they are all connected to my central soundsysten, that I control with my phone if I so wish. A few months back I decided that I want sound in the garage as well and now, that we underwent a total bathroom remodeling, I asked if we could install integrated speakers in there, while we were at it. 

No problem

The remodeling company I assinged the bathroom remodeling to was competent, experienced and versatile enough to just add this specific request as easily as the request for new tiles. Amazing. And it wasn't even expensive (except for the speakers that I decided to go with of course).

If you are thinking of remodeling your bathroom in the Minneapolis area, and want integrated speakers in it, contact Kerkinni & Company (and say hi from me!).

Synthpop while showering

Now I enjoy my time in the loo just so much more. I spend hours in there every day because it's also beautifully remodeled and so fresh and nice. I lay in the bathtub listening to my favourite tunes, and I go about my toilet business with no rush.

I think everyone deserves speakers in the bathroom.

Synth versions

15 Oct 2017

Making synth versions of songs of other genres can be either super successful or absolutely horrible. Some genres should usually be left untouched, like pop music, while others manage the cross-over better, like classical music. Here is Adeles Hello in a synth version and it's, to me, lika murdering a decent song. It sounds so sleazy!